SSL PKI Identity

SSL Certificates with Legal Entity Identifiers

Available exclusively through our partner Trustify

TrustCubes EV SSL Certificates are issued from the trusted DigiCert PKI hierarchy and include Legal Entity Identifiers from GLEIF accredited RapidLEI

SSL with Legal Entity Identifiers are only issued from TrustCubes and available via our partner Trustify

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates assure your customers of the highest degree of authentication and give the most visible trust indicators.

For the first time we’re connecting two very separate ecosystems – the physical world company identity ecosystem of the Legal Entity Identifier and the online SSL/TLS ecosystem of the Certification Authorities with an aim to enable better, more relevant identity in Certificates.

When you use an Extended SSL Certificate, your website visitor see: browser-ssl-https-indicators

  1. A ‘secure’ padlock in the browser address bar
  2. Your company name is displayed in the browser address bar
  3. The http changes to https (‘s’ stands for secure)
  4. NEW! Legal Entity Identifier code is included within the Cert

The value of including LEIs in SSL Certificates

Users relying on company identity data for any online use case need several things. They need it to be:

  • Live and accurate 
  • Regulated and consistent
  • Transparent 
  • User friendly 
  • Detailed when needed 
  • Challengeable 

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) ecosystem is endorsed by the G20 as a globally unique identifier and is overseen by the GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation). The LEI code was designed to meet all these requirements and adds a standardised company identifier to website security. Read more about LEIs and SSL

Identity network

Why TrustCubes & Trustify?

The partnership has been shaping the PKI, Signing and Identity Management world for over 15 years and includes founders and previous executives of GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Comodo and more. We use our customer first philosophy and years of experience to guide you through your options and give you the best means of buying industry-leading cybersecurity products.

European company, European focus:

  • Local language
  • Local currency
  • Local support
  • Local payment methods
  • Local regulation understanding

Experience years of best practice:

  • Mitigate single vendor risk
  • Best of breed technology solutions
  • Design through to deployment
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Direct line for support/sales