Combining years of experience in cybersecurity with the leading PKI, SSL, Signing and Identity Management solutions

TrustCubes was founded by serial entrepreneurs that believe true digital security comes from automation and solution interoperability.  Many years growing global cybersecurity businesses, we still found ourselves frustrated how the concept of digital identity remains so disparate based on geographies, use cases or types (personal, corporate, device etc).

We believed there was an opportunity to work with best in class technology vendors to layer automation over their core services to streamline and reduce errors with processes involving human touch.  We also believed each one of these services is a building block, or cube, and the true potential of identity based solutions will come from delivering solutions that interact and add value to each other as a single deployment.

We have since formed technology partnerships with a number of leading vendors, and over the next months we’ll be releasing their products into our platform, and working with customers directly on their project needs.

Automating the painful EV SSL process

We launched in 2018 with an initial focus on solving one of the most frustrating annual tasks facing hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide – applying for SSL Certificates, specifically EV SSL Certificates.  The TrustCubes platform connects to the business registries around the globe and ensures application data is pre-fetched and error free before turning it into an SSL Certificate from one of our CA partners.  Our EV SSL automation technology is a pre-cursor to solving a much bigger problem with how corporate identities are created, managed and verified online.  More on this fascinating area is to come.

Automated EV SSL

TrustCubes team

Johan Bloemen

Johan is a CEO for TrustCubes and previously held the position of VP Sales, Europe for GlobalSign where he grew GlobalSign to be a leader in the European PKI and signing market.

Steve Waite

Steve is a founding partner with cybersecurity investors Base 10 Ventures and previously held founding and executive marketing positions with GlobalSign, GeoTrust & Comodo. Steve currently sits on the board of Ubisecure and TrustCubes.

Paul Tourret

Paul is a founding partner with cybersecurity investors Base 10 Ventures and previously held founding and executive leadership positions with GlobalSign, GeoTrust & Comodo. Paul currently sits on the board of Ubisecure, where he holds the Chairman position, and TrustCubes.

In future posts we’ll be talking about how to mitigate risk of single CA failure with backup CA provisioning, and detailing how our relationships with SignFlow, Ascertia & Ubisecure will help optimise labour intensive workflows in your organisation.